Endoform Dermal Template

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Endoform Dermal Template is an intact extracellular matrix to treat acute and chronic wounds from Day One. Why wait for wounds to stall?



Chronic wounds such as diabetic and venous ulcers have elevated levels of matrix metalloproteinases (MMP’s) which stall healing. Endoform Dermal Template demonstrates improved broad-spectrum MMP activity reduction, especially against critical collagenases (MMP1 and MMP8).

It also provides the structure and function of the native ECM to supplement the patient’s regenerating matrix.


Endoform Dermal Template is available as sheets in a range of sizes and does not require physician fixation. Endoform Dermal Template is accessible to all healthcare providers across the continuum of care.


Endoform Dermal Template is marketed through our global wound care partnership with Hollister Inc. For further information about buying please contact Hollister. For all other enquiries please contact us.