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Aroa Biosurgery and Hydrofera Team up in US2 May 2018

MANCHESTER, Conn. & AUCKLAND, New Zealand–(BUSINESS WIRE)–New Zealand biomedical company Aroa Biosurgery and United States medical products company Hydrofera are launching Appulse in North America.

The two companies have recently bought back their wound care businesses from Hollister Inc.

Brian Ward, CEO of Aroa Biosurgery, says the company’s Endoform® wound care technology and Hydrofera Blue are complementary.

“We have both been successfully represented by Hollister, but with Hollister’s decision to divest portions of its wound care business back to the technology developers, it gives us the opportunity to now grow the businesses ourselves.”

Tom Drury, CEO of Hydrofera, says: “On June 1 we will launch Appulse and most of the Hollister sales team for Endoform® and Hydrofera Blue will continue to represent both products.

“This will help ensure the same level of service to patients, clinicians and distribution partners.”

Endoform® is a proprietary extracellular matrix (ECM) biomaterial, which contains a collagen scaffold and important secondary molecules to support healing.

Endoform® Dermal Template was launched in the US in 2013 for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds after obtaining US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) clearance. Since then Endoform® has become established as a leading product for treating diabetic and venous ulcers and been used in more than 2.5 million treatments.

Hydrofera, LLC produces a unique line of antibacterial wound dressings, utilizing its proprietary PVA and polyurethane foam technology in combination with two natural organic pigments. This unique combination of two technology platforms yields a line of advanced wound dressings that improve patient outcomes and lower treatment costs.

About Aroa Biosurgery:
Aroa is a private, venture funded soft-tissue repair company that develops and manufactures medical products to improve healing. Its products are developed from their Endoform® platform, a novel extracellular matrix biomaterial. The company strives to improve patient outcomes and provide better healing, every day, everywhere for everybody.

About Hydrofera, LLC
Hydrofera, LLC, is owned by a group of investors led by Tom Drury, one of the founders of Hydrofera Blue products. The company develops and manufactures Polyvinyl Alcohol (PVA) foam products for medical applications. Headquartered in Manchester, Connecticut, Hydrofera LLC serves customers in the United States and Canada with its award-winning portfolio of Hydrofera Blue products.


For information contact:
Aroa Biosurgery Ltd
Brian Ward, +64 21 727646
Hydrofera LLC
Tom Drury, +1 8609307819

Appulse combines best of NZ and US cutting edge wound care technology for North American market. Aroa Biosurgery and Hydrofera launch joint venture with existing team to give smooth transition for clients


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