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Launch of Ovitex Reinforced Bioscaffolds13 Jul 2016

Aroa Biosurgery’s partner, TelaBio, Inc. announced today, the commercial launch of the Ovitex™ Reinforced Bioscaffolds (“RBS”) portfolio of products for use in ventral hernia repair and abdominal wall reconstruction in the USA.

Ovitex RBS features an intact multilayer extracellular matrix (“ECM”), which is reinforced with embedded polymer sutures. The device is built using Aroa Biosurgery’s proprietary Endoform® ECM platform derived from ovine forestomach.

The innovative reinforced technology in the OviTex portfolio combines the strength advantages of synthetics with a natural biologic material, offering the best of both worlds to surgeons to help achieve successful patient outcomes.

The OviTex portfolio includes six products with a range of sizes, thicknesses, and degrees of reinforcement that allows surgeons to choose the appropriate product for each procedure and surgical technique. OviTex RBSs are available with either permanent (polypropylene) polymer or resorbable (polyglycolic acid) polymer reinforcement. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) granted 510(K) clearance for the resorbable polymer products in March 2016 and permanent polymer products in June 2016.

In the USA, approximately 350,000 ventral hernia repairs are performed each year, representing a common but often challenging procedure for general and plastic reconstructive surgeons.

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