Tissue Scaffolds

Aroa designs and manufactures medical products which enable surgeons and clinicians to repair serious tissue injuries. Our expertise lies in medical device development for soft tissue reinforcement and cellular scaffolding.

We combine insights from medical professionals, patients, biologists, chemists and engineers to pioneer the development of new products which are effective, safe, easy-to-use, affordable and widely accessible.


Endoform® Platform

Endoform® is a high performance building block for developing a wide range of regenerative tissue substitutes to assist with tissue repair and healing.

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Endoform® Wound Care Portfolio

Endoform® wound care products comprise an intact extracellular matrix to manage acute and chronic wounds from Day One. Why wait for wounds to stall?

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Reinforced Bioscaffolds

Reinforced Bioscaffolds combine the best of biologics and synthetics to address the current shortcomings in surgical ventral hernia repair solutions. Read more about Reinforced Bioscaffolds on the TelaBio website.


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