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Clinical Evidence

Peer-Reviewed Clinical Studies


Parker, M. J., R. C. Kim, M. Barrio, J. Socas, L. R. Reed, A. Nakeeb, M. G. House and E. P. Ceppa (2020). “A novel biosynthetic scaffold mesh reinforcement affords the lowest hernia recurrence in the highest-risk patients.” Surg Endosc 35(9): 5173-5178.

Abstract only | View


Sawyer, M. A. J. (2018). “New Ovine Polymer-Reinforced Bioscaffold in Hiatal Hernia Repair.” JSLS 22(4).

Full-text available | View

Ferzoco, F. J. (2018). “Early experience outcome of a reinforced Bioscaffold in inguinal hernia repair: A case series.” International Journal of Surgery Open 12: 9-11

Full-text available | View

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